Is A 70 Pound Punching Bag Good For Everyone?

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If you want to start training with the punching bag, you may be concerned about choosing the proper size. Each one is designed for a different purpose.

For example, the smaller ones that weigh less are often designed for children. Those that are larger can be used for adults. Extremely heavy ones are for people that are extremely large that have crushing hitting power.

On average, a 70 pound punching bag might be appropriate for men and women that are training for events like boxing. Let’s discuss whether or not a 70 pound punching bag would be the most beneficial size.

is it good to use a 70 lb punching bag

How Large Can Punching Bags Be?

Punching bags can be as small as 40 pounds. They can also go up to 300 pounds in total weight. These are typically filled with sand. They are going to be hung from a chain, and can also be supported by a second individual that will keep it in place.

The heavier the bag is, the less likely it is to move, unless you are working with a very powerful person. These bags are designed to take punches, kicks, and other forms of strikes. They will also stay together if they are made of quality leather.

Why Would You Want To Use A 70 Pound Punching Bag?

70 pound punching bags are quite common. This is in a range where they are much easier to ship and they can be used by both men and women. Even small children would be able to use these bags. As long as they are properly secured, they will not pose any type of dangerous threat.

It is a great place to begin if you are starting your training. They are heavy enough where the average person will likely not need a spotter.

Finally, these bags are in a price range that are more feasible for the general public.

getting 70 lb punching bag

Are These The Best Types Of Punching Bags For Working Out?

If you are a larger person that has been boxing for years, you would likely need something heavier than 70 pounds. If you are able to move it by simply jabbing or punching it, then it is likely not heavy enough.

If you don’t have someone to hold the bag, it could complicate your workouts. You would have to wait until it stopped moving with every strike.

Therefore, if you are a person of standard size, with average strength, these would be optimal for working out.

You can find good deals on these punching bags in many different countries. Your local sporting goods store should have a special deal on one right now. You can verify this by searching on the web for punching bags. They will show different manufacturers, sizes, and which ones are currently available.

By placing your order, you can have it delivered or you can simply pick it up at a local store. This will be an excellent complement for anyone that is trying to build upper body strength or simply wants to have a more effective workout.


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