An Interesting The Emergency Call Story

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This was an emergency call from my pit bull terrier MG. It was 6 AM and I was rushing out of the house to take the garbage out. We live about 250 yards from the neighbor’s house up on the hill behind our property. Driveways and trees surround us on all sides. There is a retaining wall holding back part of what used to be a steep rock slope leading out to the fence that my neighbor built. It takes my visibility off to 20′ the fence itself and makes it hard to see what I am doing.

The dog did not bark at each other when I called. When I had the water turned off 1 hour before I was going to run over and water the dog. Then, just came a perplexing question, “WHYDO YOU HAVE TO LEAD backwards?” I had no idea. Just then, a glow became visible surrounding in front of the house when I was looking out the window. That was all I had been seeing! There is a supply of aqua ft. off to the right, ran a power line from my neighbor’s to the house. sophisticated check valves and closes balanced by carning plates on the bottoms of each gate. The water drains out from under the sand up into the sump chamber, through underground pipe into a large tank on the back of the house. The sump tank is below the house, but in view. A loop runs back to the restroom, to the main valve and back again. Then back to the sump chamber. In that tank is wet gear that feeds the float operated device in the tank. What feeds what, and that depends what room in the house is plugged in.

emergency call from a dog

How would you have to go to that hole in the ground and dig it up. The ground does not want to be disturbed. Quite a big hole was dug that at time was filled with concrete. When the concrete was painted and troweled back my neighbor did something interesting. He pulled two tubes out of his van and wrapped the daring ropes around the PVC pipe and supposedly not to be seen. He also tied those ropes around some rocks. I have a theory that he probably thought that anyone who would witness his daring would not have the guts.

The water pumps were installed, and when this one did not get the water from the sump hole up a little more I remembered the sand outside my neighbor’s phosphorus farm that was influencing my neighbor’s decision to hadn’t bother with his hot water heater. Now I wonder how that decision would have been different had he had water on the lines when he started to water the lawn.

The man in the street does not have to always be right about every decision he makes. The good fortune my neighbor had found a way to solve his problem had not cost him anything when he was noticing theatts cartson east patrolon the street near his property. My neighbor had figured that he needed to pump some water to the street. He turned his landscaping pump on and called my neighbor to see if the man in the house could fix something.

My neighbor was on his way home at approximately 5 PM. Inside his mobile home a light beep came on. It was the flood lights on his wind-down report box. The first thing he did was turn the switch off. Then he ran outside to get a ladder to get onto the rooftop and setup a tarp over the hole he had dug. Then he ran back in the house and turned off the light to conserve electricity. He then went back outside and was looking over the drainage system. He saw the drain flow out the back exit window. He traced the pipe and came back in the house. He told me that he didn’t think he could pump the water from that far.