What Is The Best Brand of Keyboard Piano?

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Are you on the market for a new keyboard piano? Maybe you’re a complete beginner or perhaps you’re a seasoned pro. In either case, we believe you’ll want to stick with one of the three brands listed below. These are the best brand of keyboard piano on the market today and chances are they’ll still be the best when tomorrow rolls around.


1. Casio

best brand of keyboard piano

This is easily one of the most well-known names in the music industry. The brand makes a wide variety of excellent products ranging from keyboard pianos to drum sets. A lot of their instruments and tools are designed with students in mind. Unlike some of the other brands on this list, their focus isn’t entirely on keyboards, but that shouldn’t deter you from investing in their pianos.

And don’t think that you need to be a novice to enjoy Casio keyboard pianos. Sure, they have a lot of instruments targeted at the novice player, but they also have some of the best high-end pianos on the market as well. Simply put, if you enjoy playing the keyboard, then you’ll enjoy what Casio has to offer.

One of the strongest attributes of this brand is the durability of its products. A Casio keyboard can last for many years if its properly taken care of. You can even pass it down to future generations to ensure that your love for music continues with the rest of the family line.


2. Kawai

best sounding digital piano

These guys may not be as well known as Casio, but they are still an amazing brand nonetheless. They are becoming famous for the vibrant and unusual colors that they use on their instruments. Tired of staring at that boring, black keyboard? Then consider a bright red or rainbow-colored alternative from Kawai.

The lover for variety doesn’t end with their color choices. They have Kawai piano keyboards designed differently for different genres of music.

Do you want a keyboard designed for playing rock and roll songs? Or how about a keyboard that’s built with the complexities of hip hop in mind? In either case, you’ll find a product from Kawai that is sure to suit your needs.


3. Yamaha

keyboard piano brand

Coming in at the top spot is Yamaha. Few people would ever dare argue that this is the best keyboard piano brand on the market today.

Similar to Casio, Yamaha is known for their large selection of products. Their variety is even larger than Casio. As a matter of fact, Yamaha even branches outside of the music industry with products like motorcycles. And in everything that they make they stand out as one of the best.

They definitely have some introductory products for the novice, but where they really shine is their high-end products designed for the products. The Yamaha Arius is a great example of this. It’s arguably the best keyboard piano on the market today despite its limited mobility. You’ll feel like you’re playing a grand piano with its 88 keys, touch sensitivity, and graded hammer technology.


Final Thoughts

Yamaha may be the best all-around, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. If you’re a complete beginner, then the more budget-friendly keyboards from Casio may be a better fit. And if you’re more interested in style, then Kawai is definitely the right choice for you. But if you simply want the best product, then Yamaha is the answer.