What Is A Drawing Lightbox? How Can You Choose the Best One?

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buy drawing light boxArtists rely on a wide range of tools when creating their artwork, including drawing lightboxes. The best drawing light box is designed to make it as easy as possible to transfer sketches from one sheet of paper to another or to create drawings that are based on reference images. To get a better understanding of how they work, it is helpful to look at an example.

Usually, when an artist comes up with a concept for a new piece, they begin by creating sketches. Rough sketches like these give them a chance to experiment with different compositions and to try out new things. They are usually drawn on low-quality paper.

During the process, the drawing itself can get quite messy, with extra lines and marks from the eraser. By the time the sketch is completed, the paper may be worn and damaged from the friction of the eraser.

At this point, artists can use a drawing lightbox to easily transfer the sketch to a new sheet of paper. Lightboxes have a flat surface that is made out of a translucent white material. Inside the box, there are light bulbs. When the lightbox is turned on, the surface becomes illuminated, creating a brightly lit white backdrop.

To use the lightbox, the artist first places their original sketch on the surface. They then put a new piece of paper on top. The light shining up from the surface is transmitted through both sheets of paper. This makes it easy for them to see the pencil marks in their original sketch.

At this point, they can use a pen or pencil to trace over the lines from their original sketch, transferring it to the new sheet of paper. By the time they are done, they will have an exact replica of the sketch on a fresh, clean sheet of paper. Once the sketch is in place, they can continue working on it, whether that means adding graphite, ink, paint, or some other type of artistic medium.

Lightboxes can also be used to transfer reference images onto a piece of paper. An image or photograph is first placed on the surface of the lightbox. Next, the artist places a sheet of paper over the top. They can then trace around the edges of the image, creating an extremely precise sketch.

If you are interested in purchasing a lightbox, the following tips will help you choose the right one:

best drawing light box reviews– Consider the size of the lightbox. Going with a model that has a large surface is usually the best option since it provides more versatility in terms of the paper sizes that you can use.

– Look for a lightbox with LED bulbs. Not only are LED lightboxes more energy-efficient than other styles but they also don’t get hot, which means that you can leave them on for long periods.

– Look for a lightbox with a high-intensity light. The more light the lightbox gives off, the easier it will be for you to see when you are tracing your sketches or images.

These tips should help you find a right light that will work well for your needs.