"How to Polish Linoleum Floors?"

How to Polish Linoleum Floors?

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There are many products out there that will leave your linoleum floor dull in both appearances and also in quality. Of course, we aren’t all outside artisans and we are unable to give a natural shine to linoleum, However, there are some things that we can do to keep them looking their best and giving the lightest sheen.

If we just do a little and take the time to lay a matte kraft paper on the floor of the bathroom instead, after you’ve cleaned everything else then you’re going to be surprised at the condition of the floor sheeting, even if images showed the floor as a dull glossy floor when actually it’s glossy. By the way, laboratories test periodically on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being totally uncontrollable and 10 being totally near to the high end of the scale. It’s been proven that the rate of usage on the floor, whether it’s linoleum or tile it shows evidence of wear and improves on a rate of usage.

Linoleum is my favorite flooring because it’s super easy to maintain. After all if we look after the hardwood floor the wood starts to wear underfoot – that’s when we’re “in the mood”. Also unlike other flooring linoleum doesn’t trap dirt, stains, dust, bugs – or anything else. Sometimes linoleum floors have patches or lines in uneven patterns across the surface. The linoleum is one of the easiest floors to clean.


What Tools Will You Need and How To Use Them?

  1. A sturdy claw hammer.
  2. A rigid steel tape scraper with a rounded edge (just the corners would work fine).
  3. A reamer or refractory scraper (for really tough stains). Funnily enough, there’s a ‘ren commencement treatment for Surface hug floor. You can either buy a chemical stripper or get to work with your reamers and thinners.
  4. A paint roller plus paint tray will go a long way in making sure that you don’t get any paint bubbling, messing up the job.
  5. Get a can of polyurethane spray. You can purchase it in various colors to blend into your work. Our paint was frosted – you might want yours in blue.
  6. A ladder. Get a sturdy ladder that is stable and has plenty of space in between the rungs. It’s a real pain to move a ladder up and down.

If you are renovating the floor and are not replacing the linoleum consider covering the entire area with tiles or vinyl, as it will help hide the marks. (and is practical too as you can rearrange the original floor plan and change it if you grow tired of the color.)

Work with a clean floor, flat and undisturbed. Even if you have to work over sounds, clean up any dust behind the tiles, and using hot water will prevent any glossy spots from leaving a film.

Gather your tools.


How to Clean the Linoleum Floors?

how to polish linoleum flooring

Now the first step is cleaning off the debris off the floor with a dustpan. But of course you don’t want to splash water, so we scoop up all the small bits of detritus from the floor and spill them off the pan.

Next depending on the floor condition you’ll need a sponge, a broom, a vacuum cleaner, and a bucket. To make sure that you don’t scratch your linoleum use non waxed cloth and avoid missing cleaning products. Liquid Window and Leather care products can spread over the floor very quickly from either side of the house. Do not use linoleum that has been previously polished.

Apply your soapy hot water at a corner, using your sponge mop, if necessary, then continue on remembering to re-wash the floor really consistently.

Then apply some commercial floor polishes, and don’t forget that you can purchase glass or tile cleaners, but after they are applied it could take a minute or two for it to dry before walking on the floor again.

Fold your linoleum linen and keep it out of the way. Voila, you’re done.